The Best Juicers For Carrots

Vegetable juicers come with varied designs. While buying a juicer, the important factor in deciding the type and design of juicer is the kind of food you intend using it for, meaning you need to consider the consistency of food. Will it be hard or soft or pulpy?

Fibers in carrot make them tough.  Carrot juice is very nutritious but difficult to extract if you lack appropriate juicer. Here are different types of juicing machines available.

Centrifugal Juicers

Such juicers are often patronized by users who are new to the world of juicing. The principle of operation of these juicers is to grate the vegetable or fruit that is fed to it through the chute. The juice comes out from a basket made of fine mesh.

The basket rotating at a very fast speed throws the juice out into a collection chamber. Though the juice is obtained very quickly, it gets heated in the process and also exposed to air. As a result it gets oxidized fast, giving you small time for storage and subsequent consumption before turning bad.

Any process of extracting juice that produces heat reduces the nutritional value of food.  Because of grating action, carrots react well to centrifugal action. They deliver a good volume of juice but it should be consumed straightaway.

Centrifugal juicers are very appropriate for beginners who will be using their machine once in a while for extracting juice of vegetables and non-pulpy fruits.

Masticating Juicers

These juicers are designed to masticate or chomp foods to deliver juice. You get hand operated as well automatic masticating juicers.
Compared to a centrifugal machine, a masticating juicer gives more juice of carrots.  Another benefit is that such juicers don’t generate so much of heat during the process of juicing, meaning that it can be stored for longer.

Moreover, these juicers work at low speeds, so there is not much of air added to juice. It helps preventing discoloration due oxidation.

The working of masticating juicers is akin to chewing with teeth.  Imagine chewing a carrot.  Your teeth cut and crush carrot till it’s reduced to a pulp and produces juice. The juice that comes in your mouth has been produced by your private masticating machine!

A sophisticated juicer would prefer a masticating machine to a centrifugal machine.

Twin Gear Juicers

A twin gear juicer is most excellent for juicing.  This is the most efficient equipment for people living on a diet of raw foods.

A juicer with twin gears is a very slow speed machine, generally made from good quality stainless steel.  All machines using metal are the best. However, some of the best juicers do have components made of plastic.
Twin gear juicers are ideal for extracting juice of carrots as the gears crush and squeeze fiber to the maximum possible extent to take out every drop of juice from carrots. A twin gear juicer can easily handle tough fibers.
Some manufacturers of juicing machines claim using special coatings that help extracting extra nutrients from foods containing juice. The material used most often is ceramic. You also get juicers using magnets for their construction or for the collection chamber.


Omega VERT VRT330 Juicer

The problems that have since long been associated with the low speed masticating juicers have now been resolved with the introduction of Omega VERT VRT330 Juicer. The notable feature of this juicer is that it delivers quick but nutritious juices, while continuing to work at slow speed.

It’s true that new vertical auger juicers like the Omega VERT VRT330 model facilitate fast juicing of many ingredients as is often offered by the quickest traditional household centrifugal juicers. The difference is that this kind of juicer  can use  ingredients like greens, wheatgrass leaves and even soft fruits, which a centrifugal juicer is unable to cope with. So , now you can include all these in your family's diet, no matter how busy everyone is because these are quick and easy to juice.

An ideal juicing machine should have these features:
Extract juices quickly
Should retain the nutrients and flavor of the ingredients used
Should be convenient and quick to clean after use.

The new innovative design of Omega VERT VRT330 model really qualifies as an ideal juicer as if fulfills the requirements noted above.

The size of augur in this juicer is three to four times larger than a normal horizontal juicer. That allows it to offer larger juicing capacity. The size of filter that separates the
juice is quite large. It facilitates the flow of juice, thus quickening the process.

Moreover its screen includes self-cleaning silicone wiper blades system. That means the output of juice is uninterrupted, allowing you to make larger batches of juice at any given time. Though the inclusion of larger augur allows the juice to be prepared quickly, the nutritious vale of the juice remains high as the machine continues to operate at low speed of 80 RPM.  So it’s actually a slow juicer, giving results fast.

Juicing of soft fruits had been a problem with many of the slow speed juicers, as their screens would get clogged, thus slowing down the process making juice.

It is reasonable to say that with various juicers juicing of costly soft fruits and berries is not very economical, prompting many people to include these in smoothies. However, with the coming of the Omega VERT VRT330 all that has changed. It’s fast and designed to offer very large amounts of juice from soft fruits too. You will be amazed to see the quantity of pulp left when a juicer effectively extracts juice from soft ingredients. Imagine getting just half a cup of waste from a whole watermelon. Extracting juice from grapes with the Omega VERT is so convenient and quick that you may consider having your own small home based winery! And, if we talk of juices from harder materials, you’ll find the juices are thick and retain the natural flavor of the ingredients.  Additionally, such juices can be stored for longer duration without fearing any deterioration as is often experienced with juices prepared from traditional centrifugal juicer. The design of this juicer facilitates extraction of juices from herbs, wheatgrass, leafy greens, and brassicas without any problem.

We are aware and have experienced many a time that whenever an innovative product appears in the market, there is an almost simultaneous introduction of similar products in the market. The same manufacturer produces omega VERT, the Oscar 930 Pro Juicer and the Hurom Slow Juicers, but a number of other producers too have introduced vertical auger juicers with almost similar features and design. That makes it rather difficult for a commoner to decide the model and make to choose, especially when the all perform the same way.

Omega could sense that predicament of consumers and included a very unique feature in their models like Omega VERT juicers and 8006 Nutrition Center. What distinguishes Omega juicers from others is the incorporation of GE Ultem juicing augers. This material is reported to be eight times as strong as any other material being used in present day juicers. That makes GE Ultem parts to remain much more durable.

Amco Lime Juicer Review

One company’s commitment to innovation led to the development of a new set of standards and more refined category of imaginative gadgets. Amco juicer with its newly developed kitchen tool simplifies the process of juicing in kitchen.

The Amco 2-in-1 lime juicer is a good all-around kitchen tool, which finds application not only in homes, but also in restaurants and bars.
This handheld juicer facilitates juice extraction from a lime or lemon. You need not miss your regular quota of healthy and tasty natural juice minus the pulp and seeds with this simple device. All you need to do is to simply open the dual-sided center plate up when you want to juice a lemon. You can just leave it down when you are juicing a lime.

The Amco juicer is made from metal coated aluminum that ensures it remains inactive to acidic lime juice and won’t ever get rusted.

the Use of Amco 2-in-1 doesn’t need you to exert too much force by your hands. You will find it comfortable even when using for the first time. You won’t find any spilt over juice on the counter top and there is no mess created on the walls too.


Use of this Amco 2-in-1 juicer ensures your cool drinks to last good till the end. You wouldn’t ever experience a tangy-tasting guacamole and it will always taste fabulous with the Amco juicer in hand.

It is very easy to use just like pressing down garlic. In a matter of moments it delivers juice from inside out, minus the seeds and pulp.

Moreover, its cleaning is also quick. Just leave it in your dishwasher and it comes out clean without any stains. If you are in the habit of juicing limes on regular basis, it  is certainly a great buy.


The pin holding the two parts together tends to break if you squeeze or press it a bit too tight. Though, this can easily be fixed by using a small screw that would fit in to hold the two parts again.

Generally it happens if an inexperienced person tries using it. You really do not need to a press it too hard because the juice comes out easily.

Its size is small. It’s an advantage but can be a disadvantage in a certain way. You cannot use it for juicing large limes. However, it remains quite efficient on its juicing aspect.